Adrien  Here.


I Have  A  Secret . Well  Several  Actually.  Mom  Knows About  Maggie  But Not  That  Were Dating Or  Moved  In   Together.  Dad   Doesn’t  Know Maggie  At  All .  Since  I  Thought   With  The  Wrong   Body  Part   The  Day  We   Met.

Now  I  Have   To   Tell   Them   Because   I  Made   A Descion   I  Want   To  Marry  Maggie.




A  Few    Days  Later  Noel  And  Laurens  Kitchen.


Lauren  Here.  Noel   And   I   Love   Our   Kids  But  When They   Get   Nervous   They  Forget Minor   Details .   We  Were  Next  For    The   Bender   Book  As   We   Call  It…………….. And  We   Know  About   Adrien  And  Maggie.  I   Caught  Them  Kissing   At  The  Hospital.


author note the book is called the complete history of the benders. but  i thought of the name last time then my game broke so  i never got to use it.



Maggie Here.

Adrien  Said   He   Didn’t  Like  That  Half   His  Bed   Was Cold.

“So  Put   A  Blanket   On  The  Other  Side”  I  Said.

“Or  You  And  Erica  Could   Move   In.

I  Agreed    To  Try   It.


Then   The  Promotion  List  Was  Posted.

Adrien   Got   The Chief   Of Staff. Thats Right  My  Boyfriend   Is  Now  My  Boss.

But  He  Deserves   It.   Hes A Great  Doctor And  Dad.



Adrien  Got Home  From   Work  He  Wasn’t   Supried  To See Pace  . Alonzo   Had Said   He  Would   Send  Him  Over.  He  Had  Left  The  House   Early  When  He  Got Back  Maggie  Was   There.

“I’m  Happy  To See  You  But  What  Are   You  Doing  Here?

“Alonzo Wanted    To   Suprise   You.”   I  Have  Pace  And   He  Took  Daniel  So  You   Could  Have  A  Break  For  A  Few Days .”He Also   Thought   You  Might  Enjoy  My  Company   For  A Few  Days.  But  If  You   Want  I  Can   Take   My  Kids  And  Go  Home.


“No Stay!   Adrien   Said

” I Thought   You  Would Say  That”10-02-17_1-10-08 PM.png . She  Smiled.


10-01-17_5-01-26 PM

















10-01-17_5-01-26 PM


Adrien Had  To Work So I’m Babysitting Avery  For Him. Most  Guys Get  Their  Girlfriends  Flowers  Or Candy. Adrien   Got  Me  Person .  Pace  Was  Here With A Message From  Alonzo.

“I Was  Young  And Stupid”.  I  Took  Pace And  Ran  Back  To  My Parents  House”.  Please  Forgive  Me.”  I’m  Not Asking   For  Me. ”  My  Family Has  Been  Though  Just About  Everything .I  Want  To Be Friends.  Not   Just  For Pace But  For  Adrien.  I  Don’t  Want  Him  To  Ever  Feel  Guilty  For Loving  You.


Your   Friend  Alaways

10-01-17_5-01-26 PM.png


Adrien Here.

Maggie Was  A Happy  Accident.  Everyone  Thinks  I Got  Divorced Because Of  A  Dollhouse. That  Was  The Last Straw .  I Had  Been  Cheated  On And  Lied  Too. And  I Accepted   The Baby  Wasn’t Mine. But  Threatning  To Break  Something  That  Is  So  Important  To Daniel  Made  Me Angry. Its The  Toy  That Bonds  The Kids Because Daniel Acts No Differnt  Than  The  Other 2  Kids. And  They  Forget  Hes  Special.


I Promised  I Would  Do  What  Was Best  For My Kids.

But  The Day  I saw  Maggie My  2 Brains  Took  Over.


Now Maggie  And  I Have  To Talk. So  I Found  Her In  The Cafeteria.

“We Need  To  Talk “.

“Is Something Wrong?’

“No . But I Have  To Tell  You  A  Few  Things.”

“I’m Listening”

“I  Have 4 Kids”.  I Started.

“I Have 2 She Replied.”

“Pace” That   Was As Far As  I Got

“How  Do   You  Know   About  Pace ?”

“I’m Alonzo  Benders Baby  Brother”. “But  If  Thats Too  Weird  For  You  We Can  Stop Seeing  Each  Other


“I Cut   Her Off. ” I ‘ll Get  Over  You .”I’m  Not Sure How  I’ve Never Been  In Love  Before.”

“I Love  You Too”

I Was  Still  Talking . “You  Deserve  Wait  What Did  You Say”?

I  Said  “I Love  You  Too”.

“Are   You  Crazy  ?”

“Yes about You”.

I Smiled.


Daniel Here.

I Usually Only Stick To  My  Emotions Journal .  But  This  Is Big News.

There Was  A Woman  Here  Last Night  After  We  Went  To Bed. Sometimes Because  I Can’t  Sleep   Daddy Puts  Me  In  His  Bed .  I  Feel Safe   There . So  I Go  To  Sleep  Without Crying First.  I Can Cry All Night  At  Times. But  When  I Woke  Up Last Night   There  Was  A Woman  Here.

I Told Felica.

“Why  Would Daddy  Have A  Girlfriend  And  Not  Tell  Us”?  I Asked.

“Maybe  He  Thinks  Will  Be  Mad  At Him . She Said.

“Are  You Mad  At  Him?”


Then  We  Found Jabari  And   Told  Him. “I’m Not Mad Either.”

Then We Found  Daddy . He  Denied   It . But  We Stared  Him Down  Like Kids  Do.

“Her Name  Is Maggie”. He Broke.

“Why  Didn’t   You  Tell  Us?”  I Asked.

“I  Promised  After  The Divorce You  Kids Were My First  Priority.”  I Feel  Selfish For Wanting  To Be  With  Maggie.”

Jabari  Had  Been  Quiet But Finally  Spoke. “Whats Selfish?

“It Means  I  Thought  About What  I Wanted  Rather  Than  Whats  Best For  You Kids”.

“We Have  Each  Other. Felica Said .

“Can We Meet  Her?” Jabari Said.

I Smiled.

Daddy Smiled . “Your The Best Kids Ever.”

09-29-17_6-50-50 PM.png


Pace  Here.

My  Daddy Alonzo Said  We Were Moving  To Newcrest.


That  Was  When  He Said   Sit Down. I Did.

” Your Uncle  Adrien  Loves  Your  Mommy  Maggie”.

“How “?   I Asked  .

“In  The  Same Way  I Love Kennedy.”

“So He Kisses  Her?”


“Gross”. I Said.

Daddy  Kneeled  In Front  Of  Me.

“Your  Uncle  Really  Likes  Her. And  No  Matter  What  Happens   I’m Still   Your  Daddy  So Can  You   Give  Him  A Chance   For  Me?”


09-28-17_11-46-36 AM.png


Alonzo Here.

Adrien  Has Been  Avoiding  Me . So  I Went   To His  House   To  Find  Out  Why.

“I Can’t  Tell  You”

. Was   The  Reply.

“Sure  You Can Your  My Baby  Brother.  I Love  You.”

” I  Met   Someone”.

Now We  Were Getting Somewhere.

“Do   I  Know  Them?

“Maggie  ” He Said .

“Maggie . Paces  Mom.

“Yeah. ” I’m  Sorry  . But   I  Think  I’m   In  Love  With  Her.” Actually  I  Know I Am.”Adrien  Let Out  A Breath.  As  I  Watched It  Was  Like  The Weight  Of  His Secret Had  Been  Released.

“I Want  You  To Be Happy .”  I Said. “If Maggie Makes  You  Happy  Thats  What  Matters.”


“Thank You “. Adrien  Said.


09-26-17_3-58-21 PM.png



Adrien Here  .This  Is Maggie . My Girlfriend Who  I’m  So In Love With.       I Have  Trouble  Focusing  At  Work If Shes  There. Just One  Problem .  Well  2. Shes  Alonzos  Ex  Girlfriend And Paces  Mom.  I  Don’t  Know  How Alonzo  Would  Feel  If  He Found  Out.  But  I  Can’t  Help   How  I   Feel About  Maggie . 09-25-17_10-05-20 PM.png